Saraswati? (undecided)

Fancy newfangle ship that we didn't name yet.


Research Frigate Saras’ Wati

Type: Light
Subtype: Frigate
Size: Colossal (-8)
Tactical Speed: 4,500ft (9Squares)/6,500(13squares) during shunt
Length: 360ft
Weight: 4800 Standard tons
Targeting Bonus: + 4
Defense: (+ 4 vs Ballistic and missiles Mag field)
- Hardness: 40
Hit Dice:60D20 (1200HP)
Pilot’s Bonus:
Pilot’s Dex Mod:
Gunner’s Attack Bonus:
Grappling Modifier:
Crew: 4 (Modified)
Passengers: 32
Cargo Capacity: 200 Standard Tons

Particle Beam: 12d8dmg x4Crit 4000ft energy single fire
Mass cannons x3: 8d12dmg x4Crit 5000ft ballistic singe fire.

Primary engine: Gravitic Redirector
Dual particle impulse engines with weapon’s Shunt system
Anti-matter generator linked to an Alcubierre warp drive
Radiation Shielding ( 5 Vs. Radiation)
Magnetic Field (
4 AC vs Missiles and Ballistic weapons)
Point Defense System (1d20 +targeting = 2d12x10 Dmg AOO; Missles suffer 20% miss)
Stealth Field Generator ( +10 stealth, can jam EM transmissions)
Class VIII Sensor array
Improved targeting systems ( +4 targeting)
Drivesat array (Comms system)
Grappling arm
Tractor Beam
AI Ship Assistance system

100,000 credits
10000 Credits
20,000 Credits
12000 Credits
3500 Credits
9000 Credits
15000 Credits
22500 Credits
35000 Credits
Total cost

Loan 10 year
5192 credits every 3 month for 10 years.

Thoughts on the name: Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of flowing water, music, knowledge, and fortune. She is also know in several other cultures under different names Benzaiten and Thurathadi as examples.


Saraswati? (undecided)

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